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World’s First Coronary Angioplasty Patient to Appear at New York ACE Meeting 30 Years after Pioneering Operation that Changed Medicine

October 4, 2007


Dolf Bachmann, the world’s first coronary angioplasty patient 30 years ago, will appear at a Special Angioplasty Anniversary Symposium at this year’s New York ACE (Advances in Cardiac & Endovascular Therapies) meeting to discuss the pioneering operation that stands as a major milestone in the field of medicine. (A translator will be provided.)

Also present at the Symposium will be: 

Dr. Bernard Meier who was the assistant to Dr. Gruentzig during the first  balloon angioplasty procedure. 

Dr. Bill O’Neill who pioneered the use of the balloon approach to treat heart attacks—now, the standard approach.

Dr. Gary Roubin who worked with Dr. Gruentzig and placed the first coronary stent in the United States 20 years ago this month. 


Although Mr. Bachmann only received a balloon dilatation procedure (crude by current standards) constructed in the kitchen of Dr. Andreas Gruentzig, the success of the operation demonstrated that physicians could work inside of the arteries safely, without the need for open surgery. The first coronary angioplasty in the United States was performed shortly afterwards at Lenox Hill Hospital in 1978.

By utilizing the arterial circulation as a "therapeutic highway", many types of devices and drugs can now be delivered directly to the heart, kidneys, carotid arteries, brain, legs and aorta without the need for major surgery and general anesthesia.


Mr. Bachman will be the guest of honor at the Special Angioplasty Anniversary Symposium on Tuesday, October, 9, at Noon.  

WHERE:         Grand Hyatt Hotel (42nd St. and Lexington Ave.)


Mr. Bachmann’s appearance will be one of the highlights of this year’s New York ACE (Advances in Cardiac & Endovascular Therapies) meeting, which will present the latest information on interventional and endovascular therapies and techniques. The keynote address (Oct.10, Wed., 12:30 p.m.) of this year’s ACE meeting is: Riding Interventional Therapies into the Future. What can we expect in 2015? or The Changing Landscape: What Will Cath Labs Be Doing in 2015?   The New York ACE meeting is organized and hosted by Department of Interventional Cardiology of Lenox Hill Hospital.