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Before You Arrive

Admission Testing

Some patients will require testing before checking into the hospital. Your physician will provide you with the required information.

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Blood Transfusions and Donations

If you are scheduled for elective surgery, you may be eligible to donate blood in advance for yourself through the hospital's Autologous Blood Program. You may also have someone donate blood on your behalf through our Designated Donor Blood Program. For more information, call 212-434-2500 weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and until 7 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday. Dial Ext. 42500 when calling from within the hospital.

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Home Care Services

If you anticipate that you will require home care services after you are discharged from the hospital, please discuss this with your physician. Later, when you are in the hospital, ask to speak to the case manager on your unit.

The North Shore-LIJ Home Care Network, part of the same health system as Lenox Hill Hospital, is one of the largest home care agencies in New York State. Whether you need a nurse, therapist, other medical professionals or just a little help with personal care, they can provide you with the highest quality, specialized care in the comfort of your home or in the hospital. Their services are available throughout New York City and Long Island. Call (866) 651-4200 to learn more about their range of services.

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Advance Directives

An advance directive allows you to give written or oral instructions to physicians and other healthcare professionals regarding the type of medical care you desire if you become incapable of making such decisions.

One type of advance directive is the Health Care Proxy. The New York State Health Care Proxy law allows you to appoint a family member or friend over the age of 18 who can make treatment decisions on your behalf if you lose the ability to do so.

In addition to the Health Care Proxy, other advance directives include, but are not limited to, Living Wills and Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders. You should discuss your directives with the individual appointed to act on your behalf and/or your family. If you have already prepared an advance directive, bring it with you to the hospital.

At or prior to the time of admission, you or a family member or other adult designated to act on your behalf will receive a booklet entitled Your Rights As a Hospital Patient in New York State, prepared by the New York State Department of Health. It offers important information regarding advance directives including sections on "Planning in Advance for Your Medical Treatment," "Deciding on CPR: Do-Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders," "Appointing Your Health Care Agent - New York State's Proxy Law" and a sample Health Care Proxy form.

Lenox Hill Hospital's Advance Directives Policy: Lenox Hill Hospital respects your right to make voluntary, informed choices to accept, reject or choose alternate courses of medical treatment, including life-sustaining treatment, and to execute advance directives. You are encouraged to furnish the hospital with copies of your advance directives. If made available to the hospital, a copy of each of your advance directives will be included in your medical record.

Lenox Hill Hospital does not condition the provision of care or otherwise discriminate against any patient based upon whether or not the patient has executed an advance directive. The hospital will comply with your wishes in accordance with New York State law and hospital policy. Circumstances may arise where a physician involved in patient care cannot honor the terms of your advance directive based on moral, ethical or religious grounds. Under those circumstances, the physician and/or the hospital will assist in transferring your care to another attending physician or hospital.

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Our Privacy Policy

You can download a copy of our Privacy Policy here. Privacy Policy PDF

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What To Bring

We recommend that you bring very few personal items with you to the hospital. All that you will really need are:

  • Pajamas or a nightgown, robe, slippers and
  • Toiletry articles
  • Comprehensive insurance information, including:
    • insurance cards
    • precertification
    • any other documentation required by your insurer
  • Any important papers such as a Health Care Proxy or a Living Will (see "Advance Directives")
  • A photo Identification and proof of your current home address
  • A small amount of cash to purchase daily newspapers or sundry items and to pay any out-of-pocket expenses such as co-payments and deductibles.

If you have any questions, please contact your attending physician, the staff responsible for your care, or Patient Relations (Ext. 42095).

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About Your Stay

Same-Day Admissions

If you are scheduled for a procedure on the same day as your admission - known as "same-day admission" - please call the hospital between 1:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. one business day before admission to find out when and where you should report at the hospital.

Surgical patients should call 212-434-3028. Patients being admitted for cardiac catheterization should call 212-434-4545. Patients being admitted for other non-surgical procedures will receive instructions from their physicians or from the hospital Admitting Department.

If your child is over the age of 13 and is scheduled for "same-day admission" you can call 212-434-3028 for admitting information. If your child is under 13, your pediatrician will advise you when to come in. If you have any hospital-related questions regarding your young child, call the Pediatric Unit at 212-434-2750.

All other patients will be called by the hospital's Admitting Office on the morning of their admission.

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Lenox Hill Hospital offers three types of rooms: semi-private (two beds), private and luxury. Bed assignments are based upon availability. Most patients receive semi-private rooms unless a private room is medically justified. Private and luxury rooms are available for an additional fee. The fee is generally not covered by medical insurance and is payable in advance by cash, certified check or credit card.

We cannot guarantee that your request will be met when you arrive. However, we will do everything possible to arrange your requested accommodation during your stay.

Your hospital bed is equipped with controls to regulate its height and to raise and lower the head and feet positions. Because your medical condition can affect your balance and mobility, side rails may be temporarily placed in the "up" position.

Please do not try to get out of bed by yourself if the rails are elevated or if your physician has requested you remain in bed. Once your physician has approved that you may leave your bed, please ask for help in getting in or out of bed if you are weak or unsteady on your feet.

A nurse call button is located at your bedside. Simply push this button when you need assistance and a member of your nursing team will come to your room or respond through the intercom at the nurses' station.

You may be transferred from one room to another or from one floor to another. This may occur because of your medical needs, to accommodate another patient's medical needs, or upon your personal request. Such moves will be handled as efficiently and conveniently as possible for you.

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Patient Relations

Please feel free to contact the Patient Relations Department if you would like the assistance of a patient representative, who is available to help you and your family resolve any concerns and problems related to your care, explain hospital policies and procedures, and answer questions you may have regarding Health Care Proxies (see page 4) or ethical issues (see below). The Department is open weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. It is located in the main lobby of the hospital or you may reach it by calling Ext. 42095. If you require assistance at any other time, call Ext. 42468 and ask to have the hospital's nursing supervisor on duty paged.

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Organ Donation

Under New York State law, the hospital is required to notify the Organ Donor Network at or before the time of death of all patients. The Organ Donor Network will determine the suitability of the patient for being a donor. If a patient is categorized as a medically suitable donor, a representative from the Organ Donor Network will contact the patient's next of kin to discuss the organ donation process and to request consent for organ or tissue donation.

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Social Work Services

Professional social workers are available to assist you and your family with any practical and emotional concerns you may have related to your illness and hospitalization and your discharge from the hospital. You can reach the Social Work Department at Ext. 43060, weekdays, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Case Managers

Case managers are part of your health care team and will assist with the timely coordination of your care and treatment to meet your specific healthcare needs while in the hospital. Case managers can be reached at Ext. 43060.

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Classes for New Parents

Classes for new parents are offered Monday through Saturday. These include instructions on breastfeeding and infant care. Class schedules are available on the units to assist you in planning your day.

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Leaving Your Room

The nursing staff must know where you are at all times. Do not leave your room without notifying a member of your unit's nursing staff. If you require tests or procedures that are administered in another location, you will be accompanied by a hospital staff member.

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No Smoking

Lenox Hill Hospital is a no smoking facility. Smoking is prohibited by staff, patients and visitors in all areas of the hospital including terraces, foyers and under canopies.

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Lost and Found

If you have lost a personal item, please notify the hospital's Security Department as soon as possible. The Security office, which is located next to the 76th Street employees' entrance on the main floor, can be reached by calling Ext. 42470.

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For Your Convenience


Parking garages are available within walking distance to the hospital. Rapid Park, which is located at 165 East 77th Street (between Lexington and Third avenues), offers Lenox Hill Hospital patients and their families special rates for parking up to five hours. To take advantage of these rates, parking stubs must be validated at the Patient Information Desk in the Main Lobby. Please check with a parking attendant for specific details.

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Automatic Teller Machine

Two automatic teller machines (ATMs) are available 24 hours a day on the main floor of the hospital near the 76th Street employees' entrance.

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Visitor Information

Visiting Hours

Click here to view the hospitals visiting hours.

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All flower deliveries should be directed to the Security Office, where they will be picked up and delivered by a Hospital Volunteer. Only balloons made out of Mylar are permitted in patient rooms. Neither flowers nor Mylar balloons are permitted in the Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Care Units, Cardiovascular Surgery Recovery Unit and designated rooms in the Progressive Coronary Care Unit.

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Patient Information

The Information Desk, located in the main lobby, is staffed Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Family and friends can call the desk during those hours to find out a patient's general condition and room and telephone number. To reach the Information Desk, call 212-434-2424 from outside the hospital or from inside, Ext. 42424.

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Checking Out

Check-Out Time and Checklist

Hospital check-out time is 9 a.m. Before you leave the hospital, we remind you to:

  • Talk with your physician and nurse regarding medications, follow-up appointments and other guidelines related to your recovery
  • Obtain any written instructions or prescriptions you will need
  • Check closets, drawers and other storage areas for your belongings
  • In addition:
    • If special discharge arrangements were made with a home care nurse and/or a social worker, confirm all those arrangements with them
    • If you have any valuables or personal property that were deposited with the Security Department, ask your nurse for your valuables/property voucher which you, a family member or a friend can take to the Security Office (main floor next to the 76th Street employees' entrance) to retrieve your items
  • You may receive a Patient Satisfaction Survey in the mail after you leave the hospital. We care about you and value your opinions - please fill out the survey, to help us serve you better

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Discharge Planning

Members of your healthcare team will plan for services you may need after you are discharged from the hospital. Advance planning is essential to make sure these services are in place by the time you are discharged. If you have any questions regarding your discharge plans, please call the Social Work Department, Ext. 43060.

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Home Care Services

If you require skilled care at home after being discharged from the hospital, the case manager on your unit is available to help you assess your needs and make all necessary arrangements for certified home health services ordered by your physician, including a registered nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, social worker or home health aide.

The North Shore-LIJ Home Care Network, part of the same health system as Lenox Hill Hospital, is one of the largest home care agencies in New York State. Whether you need a nurse, therapist, other medical professionals or just a little help with personal care, they can provide you with the highest quality, specialized care in the comfort of your home or in the hospital. Their services are available throughout New York City and Long Island. Call (866) 651-4200 to learn more about their range of services.

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Members of the hospital staff are not permitted to accept money, gifts or any other gratuities from patients or visitors. However, contributions to the hospital are always welcome and can be made through the Development Department, Ext. 42410.

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Health Insurance

Your insurance company may require certification before you are admitted to the hospital. It is also possible that your insurer may require notification within 24 hours after an emergency admission.

The insurance company may limit the number of days you can stay in the hospital depending on your illness and require that you pay a deductible and/or cover only a percentage of the cost of your hospital stay. If you are not sure about these requirements, we suggest you contact your employer or insurance carrier directly and inform your physician.

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Financial Counselors

Based on information provided during your preadmission interview, our financial counselors will notify you of any estimated charges for which you are responsible, i.e., copayments, deductibles or extra cost for a private or luxury room.

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Prior to Admission

The hospital's staff may contact you before your admission date to obtain necessary information such as current insurance subscriber name, certificate number, effective date of plan, policy number and company name. The staff may also notify you about any of the estimated charges for which you are responsible.

You will be informed of any payment you should bring with you to the hospital to cover such costs as co-payments, deductibles or the extra fee for a private room. These out-of-pocket costs to you are usually collected at the time of service. The amount of your payment will depend upon the type of health insurance you have. It is also imperative that you bring your insurance cards or any other medical insurance papers with you when you are admitted.

Self-paying patients will be asked for a deposit equal to the estimated charges of similar procedures and diagnoses.

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A final hospital bill is mailed approximately 10 days after discharge. Any charges posted to your hospital account after that time will be reflected in your next monthly statement. Your hospital bill includes basic daily fees including your room, meals, house staff services, general nursing care, basic medical supplies and procedures such as routine X-rays, laboratory tests and EKGs.

Your bill does not include fees from your anesthesiologist, radiologist, pathologist or private duty nurses. These bills are mailed to you separately and are payable directly to these professionals, not to the hospital. Please direct any questions you may have to the individual physician or professional concerned.

Lenox Hill is committed to serving patients whether or not they can pay for part or all of the essential care they receive regardless of ability to pay. Lenox Hill Hospital conveys to prospective patients and local community agencies that the hospital has created financial aid policies consistent with its mission and values and takes into account each patients ability to contribute to the cost of his or her care and the Hospitals financial ability to provide care.

Lenox Hill Hospital has implemented a financial aid policy for patients in need of financial assistance. It is therefore necessary that financial aid applicants provide the Hospital with accurate and complete information, including necessary documents and any and all financial and other information needed to enroll in a publicly sponsored insurance program if required.

Lenox Hill Hospital has determined sliding scale discounts for uninsured patients and has applied these discounts to the fixed Medicare rate for inpatients and a percentage of charges for outpatient services. The discounted rate applies to patients who have been approved by the Hospitals financial assistance office. The discounted rate may incorporate a flexible payment plan and, in certain cases, will require a minimum payment. In addition, financial assessment is also done to determine whether or not a patient is qualified for assistance under the federal Medical Assistance Program (Medicaid). For information please call 212- 434-3280.

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Lenox Hill Hospital is a voluntary not-for-profit hospital, which means that our expenses must be covered by the money we receive from patients and/or their insurance carriers. In order to carry out the mission of Lenox Hill Hospital to provide quality healthcare services to persons in need, the hospital depends upon your prompt payment to meet its financial obligations.

Lenox Hill Hospital is committed to providing the highest level of quality and care to all patients seeking treatment without regard to ability to pay. All patients who seek assistance will be given a financial assessment to determine their ability to pay for the services they receive. This will include assistance in completing an application for coverage under the federal Medical Assistance Program (Medicaid). The Hospital will also conduct a financial screening assessment to determine the patient's eligibility for coverage under the Hospital's charity care program or at reduced fee for patients with limited means. For information, please call 212-434-6538.

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Methods of Payment

The hospital accepts cash or certified checks for payment of hospital bills as well as American Express, Visa and MasterCard up to your approved credit line. The patient is responsible for any difference between the limit of credit and the amount owed the hospital.

If you have any questions before your admission, call 212-434-3280. During your stay, call Ext. 43005. After your discharge, call 212-434-4400.

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How can I contact a specific department?

Please refer to our hospital phone listings:

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How can I get a copy of my Birth Certificate?

Copies of birth certificates are not provided by the hospital.
Please visit the NYC Department of Health's website to request a copy:

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How can I get information about reduced price plastic surgery?

Please call our Plastic Surgery Clinic at 212-605-3741 or 212-605-3780 to inquire about reduced price surgery performed by the Teaching Service and to make an appointment for a consultation.
You may also visit the web page of the Plastic Surgery Clinic for more information:

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How can I contact the hospital’s Lost & Found office?

If you have lost a personal item, please notify the hospital's Security Department as soon as possible by calling 212-434-2470.

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Can’t find an answer to your question?

Please call the hospital’s main line 212-434-2000 for help with any questions or requests.

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